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10 New Television Shows In 2008

This year (so far) has been both intriguing and frustrating in terms of new television. There were some shows I expected very little from, and got exactly what I expected, and some where I expected a great deal, and got either more or way less. All in all these are the ten shows I found particularly noteworthy. If you don’t see something on this list that you think should be there, it probably means I’m either not a fan of the genre, or didn’t like the show. Either way, these are shows I’ve watched at least once.

The Moment of Truth is (in my mind) a relatively unhealthy look inside the minds of “ordinary” people. Prior to each show, contestants are hooked up to a lie detector and then tested on their answers live. Kinda sick, right? Host Mark Walberg (no not this Mark Wahlberg) adds a smarmy “I care about you and think you should stop” taunting the entire time. It reminds me of very bad dreams I’ve had.

Eli Stone is Joan of Arc meets Mid-life critical lawyer. Or it’s a guy with a brain tumor. Cynical nowadays aren’t we? It’s interesting at least, and well produced. I expected a little more, but not much, and if you have nothing better to watch, tune in!

Fringe is J.J. Abrams screwing with us again. It’s about “fringe science” or as I like to call it, “superstition and bunk” and it’s a mashup of a few genres that do well on TV. I’m still waiting for the “Um, WHAT?!” moment.

Wipe Out is fun. If you can’t laugh watching some poor schlub fly face first off a  nine foot tall dodge ball, you have no soul. I can’t do this show justice, you need to watch it.

Life on Mars ran from 06-07 in the UK, and then we came along and stole it. Kinda, not really. With Lost coming to an end, it’s good to have a show that features time Travel. You always have to have one of those around. Another mashup though, Detective show/ Ssci-fi. Worth watching.

Knight Rider. I just had to add this. I’m chuckling right now. Please don’t watch more than two episodes. It will make you sterile. 

Crash is based on the 2004 film of the same name. But this has Dennis Hopper. I don’t really see a good reason to make this show, but Don Cheadle is one of the producers, and I think he’s great, so we’ll give it a shot.

Crusoe is the original story, with the “Robinson” chopped off the front in order to make it a little slicker. It’s a great idea though. Pirate flicks do well, Lost did well, Castaway did well. If it reachest the level of entertainment of any one of those, it will do well too. I don’t have very high expecations though.

The Sarah Connor Chronicles had a lot of hype leading up to it. It initially received warm reviews from mainstream critics. But essentially it’s just a rehashing and reimagining of an interesting idea that no one really cares about any more. This is THE example of why remakes and spinoffs suck. Can’t we come up with a better idea than Terminator?

True Blood is my favorite of the Season. It’s essentially a movie about  civil rights, but instead of race of sexual orientation, it’s Vampirism. Cool. My only issue with it stems from the overly sexual nature of the show. I’m no prude, but there are so many scenes of gratuitous intercourse, it’s starting to feel like filler. But, the plot is interesting enough to keep me going, and I genuinely like Anna Paquin in this.

So that’s my personal round up. Feel free to disagree, and let me know!

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