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24: Redemption Recap

It’s been awhile since we’ve been able to watch the escapades of Jack and a half years to be exact, but the series came back after the writers strike and other delays with a two hour movie that intended to bridge the gap between seasons. 24: Redemption, after a shaky sixth season, by and large exceeded viewers expectations.

The movie opened in Sengala, located in Africa (the country is, of course, fictional), where children are being abducted and forced to serve in a genocidal war. The band that does the abduction is lef by Colonel Ike Dubaku, who tells the boys that he will give them strength, with his first lesson in building said strength being beheading a prisoner with a machete.

With that wonderful opening, we were moved to Jack Bauer, who allows a thief named Willy to keep the scarf he stole from Jack’s room, but takes back the knife that was located there. Jack’s apparently been going from place to place in order to avoid appearing in Washington, where the Senate wants to hear about his erm..interrogation techniques that he seems to use constantly. Jack is still human though, which is why he’s (get it? redemption?) redeeming himself by helping a friend of his, Carl, run a school.

As you might have guessed, this charity work doesn’t last all that long, and soon gun-equipped thugs show up in order to press students of the school into a militia service. Some of the children run, and they are gunned down. Jack does not find this scene very appealing, and returns with a vengeance, fighting the gunmen singlehanded with all sorts of combat techniques.

The US Government is soon aware of these killings and the soon-to-be civil war and Sen. Allison Taylor, the president elect, argues with Noah Daniels, the former president, over whether to provide aid to prevent a Sengalan coup.

Unfortunately for Jack, he gets caught by the gunmen after helping some of the children to escape. He’s tortured and beaten and eventually gives up the children’s hiding place…or so we thought! As it turns out he was making up the sniveling whimpering act the whole time, and uses his superbadass legpower to dispatch the tormentor.

The US decides to pull everyone it has out of Sengala, and Jack has to get the kids to the evacuation point. Still heartpounding against the clock action, but a much different setting and goal than what we were used to in previous seasons. This especially true since Jack doesn’t really have any conflicting emotions here, he has to protect the kids and that’s that, and without having to torture anyone either!

Of course after getting the kids to safety turns out to be tougher than he had thought, and we’re left with Redemptions final scene, which has the American choppers pulling out from the country.

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