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24 Season 7 Episode 10: 5:00pm – 6:00pm

245Yet another week of heart pounding action from one of my favorite series. This week, Erika confronted Sean, and she discovers that he was the one who issued the warrant on Jack and Renee’s vehicle so that Dubaku could get away. Agent Walker rips into Jack for using Marika as a means to an end rather than, you know, a person.

Marika does manage to meet up with Dubaku, who immediately lets her know that he’s aware she’s working witht he FBI. He crushed her cell phone, but then forgives her. He goes further than that and tries to convince her that the FBI was lying and that he brought peace to Sangala. She agrees to go with him. Meanwhile Jack and Renee are released from police custody and they try to get to Marika only to find that (surprise!) her cell phone is toast. Chloe manages to pull up an image via satellite but even though Jack drives straight through a city park, they get cut off by traffic. Marika realizes the FBI isn’t coming for her, and flips the vehicle after grabbing the wheel.

As Jack and Renee pull up to it, the van explodes. Jack unsurprisingly ignores Marika but Renee forces him to try and free her first. Unfortunately Marika is dead and Dubaku is badly injured. EMTs work on keeping Dubaku alive and Jack demands they revive him. Jack says he’ll goa fter his entire family if he doesn’t give up the details on who’s involves, and he agrees but then goes back under again. The EMTs then discover a chip of some kind under Dubaku’s skin, and Jack gives it to a chopper pilot and tells him to give it to Moss. Sean overhears this conversation and tells Erika that they could be exposed. As soon as Chloe gets the info he’s going to crash the entire system, wiping the slate clean.

Chloe recognizes the chip type but they only have one shot at getting the information before it auto-erases. Unfortunately Erika manages to bypass security and bring down the system. Chloe and Moss rush to the mainframe room to find a dead Erika an Sean shot in the arm (all staged by Sean). Unfortunately for Sean Chloe recovers the files on the chip and Sean gets arrested.

Meanwhile, a new threat is emerging. Tony joins Jack and warns him that an attack is planned on Washington by Juma, who is panicking because he’s losing control of Sangala. He’s going to strike the U.S. as a means of rallying his people. He also says that Ryan Burnett is involved and that they need to get to him.

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