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24 Season 7 Episode 8: 3:00pm – 4:00pm

242Alright, so, when Henry Taylor is in Colonel Dubaku’s custody, the president has a rather unpleasant choice. On one hand she can back out of Sangala and hand over Matobo. On the other, Henry gets aced in the face. She wants to save her husband, but she also realizes she can’t give in to the terrorist demands. Naturally, there’s someone you’d call on in a situation like this, and his name is Jack.  He offers to help find Henry before the deadline comes due (woo hoo!).

Walker quickly realizes that they’ll have to bring in Moss to get the job done. While reluctant to help, he agrees to help Jack find Vossler while Walker is being a big fat jerk to Vossler’s wife and kid. Eventually, Jack gets Henry’s location from Vossler, but then unfortunately kills him in self defense.

In the interim, Buchanan organizes an operation to make it look like they’re going to hand over Matobo, but wait, it’s a..Matobo decoy! I guess that works out since the decoy gets exploded. Then Jack gets there in time to prevent one of Dubaku’s henchmen from shooting Henry. Well almost anyway.

I have to say I was pretty impressed with this episode. 24 had lost me for awhile in previous seasons when the plausibility level continued to drop, but I was really taken in by Redemption and have been really enjoying the new season.

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