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24 Season 8 Trailer

24 walkerThe official 24 season 8 trailers can be seen on Fox’s home website.  The trailer show’s Jack’s granddaughter waking him up from a nap.  Jack wants to reconnect with his family and this eighth season is centered around that very subject.  I think that the producers feel like Jack’s role has been somewhat mundane in that all he does is kill and interrogate people.  They want to show that there is a life outside of CTU and want to humanize him more.  24 will deal more with social issues instead of focusing on the old U.S. vs. the World archetype.

You can also watch the trailer on Youtube in high quality.  While YouTube is good, Fox is the best way to stay up to date with the latest clips and officials trailers.  Fox might also post the most recent episodes and create summary videos to refresh viewers’ memories of season seven.

You can be sure that in the coming days, there will be more teaser trailers and clips to come out to build up the hype for the season premiere.  Season 8 is sure to be filled with the usual twists and turns in the plot.  I think that this will be a softer day, one with not as much killing but more about resolution.  I think that Fox will try to change the perception that 24 is just a shoot-em-up type of show to one that actually takes into account the real life events that we have to deal with.  One can only speculate so watch the 24 trailers to see if your predictions will be correct!

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