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3 Places to Upload and Host Videos

If you have fun making videos and you want the world to be able to see them or if you just like browsing through amateur videos, it is important to find a site for uploading and hosting videos. There are many sites available, and they all have different features. Here is a rundown of three of the best sites for uploading and hosting videos online.


YouTube is the most well known place on the internet for video hosting and uploading. YouTube has made household names out of many people who put up an amateur video. The site offers a large amount of videos to fill every category imaginable, and they now have HD options for videos. The different channels make finding the video that you want to watch on YouTube very easy, and the exposure that the site has allows for your video to be seen.

Google Video

All that you need is a Google ID and password, and you can use Google Video, a free program. Once you upload your videos, Google will then promote them for you. The service is getting ready to launch, and they are currently accepting submissions. Submissions can be of any length, and they have to go through the approval process before they will be put on Google Video. Videos can be previewed and purchased through Google Video.

Vid Life

Vid Life has a wide variety of video categories, so you can search and find something that your video will fall into. Whether you have a funny video, stupid video, or crazy video you will be able to find it on Vid Life. Vid Life also has other features that you can enjoy, such as photos, blogs, and clubs.

No matter if you like making videos or watching them, these three sites will offer you some of the best amateur videos available on the internet. By accessing these three sites, you will be able to see what the rest of the world is talking about. You will see the next big thing, from someone going crazy over a celebrity to the next Obama Girl.

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