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30 Rock Brings New Star Power

I’ll be honest, I’ve always been fascinated by the show 30 Rock. On one hand, it’s absolutely hilarious and has shown it can keep a good thing rolling without being a one trick pony. It helps that I’m also a fan of the best comedian of the year, Tina Fey (although I’m sure her impersonation of Sarah Palin had as much to do with that title as 30 rock). Despite all of the good things going for it however, it’s still a show that seems to fit a very small niche.Week after week, the ratings come in as good but not so good you could call it a runaway hit.

Of course that doesn’t stop the show creators from bringing in some attractive and talented guest stars. Jennifer Aniston (wow on that magazine cover by the way..just wow) arrived on the show for a guest role to much fanfare, and the show creators will be bringing in another beauty on as well, Salma Hayek.

Salma’s role, as you might have guessed, will span across a number of episodes, and she’ll be playing Colleen Donaghy’s nurse. In addition, much like Jennifer Aniston, she’ll be playing Alec Baldwin’s love interest. With guest stars like these, the show’s able to keep the story fresh, although I’m curious to see if she can do better than Jennifer Cox on Scrubs, cause she was perfect in that role.

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