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30 Rock Shines at Golden Globes

tinafeyI think just about anyone could have predicted with a solid amount of certainty that 30 Rock was on it’s way to cleaning up at the Globes, which makes a nice compliment to it’s showing at the Emmy’s last fall. Unfortunately as we also know, show’s that get lavished with awards tend to take themselves for granted and, in many cases, quickly go downhill, much tot he disappointment of fans. 30 Rock in particular, with it’s rather niche audience despite the ongoing awards waterfall, can’t really afford to jump the shark too much. Yet despite some being a little disappointed with the third season I’m pretty confident that the clever hilarity will continue to ensue for some time.

I should note that it’s “niche audience” is increasingly widening, with more viewers showing up to watch the show this year in comparison to last. USA Today may claim that the Sarah Palin impression proved to peopel that Tina Fey was in f act funny, but I wouldn’t go so far as to say that’s the only reason for the show’s continued success.

I highly recommend heading over to Hulu for the Golden Globes. Much like the Emmy’s or just about every other award show i can think of, I’m really just not very interested in the whole production. Neither is anyone else, it seems, as the Oscars posted it’s worst ratings ever in it’s most recent turnout and I’d wager that pattern will continue despite hackneyed attempts to cause suspense by not announcing who will be hosting the show in advance.

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