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3D For Fios Customers

Verizon has joined into the let’s wast money on 3D venture.  This past weekend, they announced that they have joined forces with DirecTV and Comcast to bring subscribers the new wave of 3D programming.  While Verizon FiOS is not huge, expansion is being stopped primarily to refine the product.  It’s a great move to improve it instead of the old shotgun approach to it.  Gain a small but loyal following first and then market a quality product to the public.  FiOS is only available in 18 states, and thus only the lucky few will be able to watch 3D content.

While stopping expansion is a good call, the 3D venture is like the HDDVD/Blu-Ray battle.  Someone will go down and lost a lot of money.  Yes there is no real competitor to 3D, but there has been a huge influx of cash infused into the promotion, production, and marketing of 3D television.  Their vice president says that they will refine the system and then make a holiday season push, which will probably be rife with promotions and deals.  The issue is that many people are risk-averse, meaning that they will only purchase a product that has been given a good review.  Word of mouth means a lot and someone once said “all you have in the world is your reputation”.  That is so true here.  But not many use Verizon and FiOS, even fewer have a 3D television, which cuts the market share to almost nothing.  It’s a daunting task for Verizon to break into the market and this looks like they are putting all their eggs into the 3D basket.

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