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3D Is Destined To Fail

3D is certainly the fad right now in the industry.  People are raving about Avatar and other movies, saying that it enhances the viewing pleasure.  Others in the television industry are getting into the swing of things.  ESPN will debut its 3D service this summer at the World Cup, as well as broadcasting the Summer X Games, as well as select NBA and college basketball games.  ESPN has already tested a broadcast, this year’s Rose Bowl, which was shown in select theaters.  But is all this hype really worth the investment?  Fads come and go…we remake movies and television series all the time.  Years ago 3D was cool and then it died out after a few years.  Now, some genius who think he can make a quick buck has brought it back.

At this year’s CES, vendors showed off their new high-end televisions, not focusing on HD but on 3D.  The Discovery Channel, along with ESPN, has joined in the mix.  Even DirecTV is investing in this venture, thinking that this is the next HD phase.  The former channels and company all have plans in the making.  All the television companies have investing millions as well, manufacturing new lines of 3D-compatible televisions.  But with all this money invested, I can’t see people adding to their cable or satellite subscriptions to watch 3D content.  I think that I speak for many when I say that HD is good enough.  Viewers don’t need the football jumping out the screen towards them.

Discovery Communications founder and chairman John Hendricks said skeptics raised the same questions about how quickly HD would take off when the company launched one of the first 24-hour HD networks in 2002, HD Theater.  He might’ve been right about the HD skeptics and that now viewers cannot live without HD feeds.  But 3D is a totally different animal.  I mean, don’t our eyes see in 3D already?  They perceive depth and can tell when some object is closer or farther away.  So why is there this huge move to have a new technology show us something that we already can tell the difference in?  Hendricks goes on to say that, “I’m convinced that 5 to 10 years from now we’ll see the mass rollout of this.”  Right, the nation coming off of its biggest economic downturn since The Depression, will somehow have people go out and buy brand new TVs, just a few years after they bought new HD-capable ones.

And let’s not forget those stupid glasses you have to wear.  If some of us aren’t dumb enough looking already, walking around with a pair of those should earn us a one way ticket to the institution.  And don’t even tell me that some company will invent corrective 3D glasses so you don’t even have to put your contacts in.

There are many dollars being sunk into this venture.  With this amount, it better pay off in the long run.  The HD-DVD thing didn’t pan out for a certain company and they lost big.  But that was a battle between two companies.  This is either a one and done sort of things.  I certainly will not be in line to buy a TV or subscribe to a 3D channel.

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