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41 (Really Awesome) Places to Watch TV Online for Free


Online video is here to stay, and it seems like every day more sites are appearing that allow you to watch your favorite TV shows right from your browser. While most people aren’t ready to completely give up their cable or satellite service just yet, most people are starting to watch TV online because of the convenience. I decided to compile a HUGE lists of places that you can watch tv online for free. Enjoy.


For all of you that missed the Hulu Super Bowl commercial – it was badass. Hulu allows you to watch all of your favorite FOX and NBC shows online. The service is co-owned by “Aliens” aka NBC Universal and News Corp.

Veoh was created by CBS, ABC, WB and MTV as a competitor to Hulu. This site has most of the popular CBS and ABC shows available to watch such as “Lost”, CSI, and Scrubs.

Revision 3
Revision3 is an Internet TV site created by Digg founder Kevin Rose. The cool thing about Revision 3 is that it truly is “Internet TV”. All of the shows on Revision 3 were created to be watched online.

Although all the hype about Joost being the ultimate internet TV service wore off after people realized that simply wasn’t true, it does have a fair amount of content available to watch online.

This site claims to be “The Largest Portal in the World with Online Television Stations and Videos”.

AlloTV appears to have thousands of episodes of TV shows from various sources available to watch all in one place.

Grey’s Anatomy, Prison break, Lost, 24, Desperate Housewives, Family guy – TV-Video has them all.

The ITV Player allows you to catch up on quite a few popular TV shows and professional sports such as Soccer, Rugby and Formula 1.

TV Network Sites

Fox has one of the more innovative online video players out there. I often find myself confused with the interface though because they seem to change it up every few months. Regardless this is a great place to catch up on episodes of 24 and American Idol.

CBS has all 82 variations of CSI (joking), Survivor (thats still on?) and various other shows available to watch on their site. What I like about the CBS is that they have a chat feature built into the video player so you can discuss the episode with other die hard fans.

I’m a huge fan of Lost so I find myself on this site quite a bit. The best part about ABC is the fact that a lot of the shows are available to watch in HD. I really hate how they make you click “continue” after each ad though.

With NBC’s killer line up of Heroes, The Office and 30 Rock, you’ll probably find yourself on this site one day. NBC has a lot of shows available to watch in HD, and their online video player has a fairly simple interface, unlike some of the other big networks.

Where did this channel even come from? Krypton maybe, you can catch up on episodes of Smallville, 90210 and more on the CW website.

SciFi Rewind
If your a Battlestar Galactica or Ghost Hunters fan you’ll want to check out the SciFi channel’s site which has full episodes of both shows and quite a few others.
AdultSwim (the late night segment on cartoon network), was one of the first adopters of online video a few years ago. Their site has various shows and clips available to watch

Channel 4
If your in the U.K you can catch up on episodes of Big Brother, 90210 and others on the Channel 4 site.

CBS News
This site allows you to watch clips from various CBS News programs.

South Park Studios
South Park Studios was started by the creators of the show and has every episode of south park available to watch instantly online. (I love the commercials)

The History Channel
The History Channel appears to now have full episodes of shows such as “The Universe” and “Monster Quest” available to watch online.

Cartoon Network
If you have kids, or are simply a kid at heart, the Cartoon Network website has episode of Naruto and other popular kids programming.

Discovery Channel
The Discovery Channel is fairly new to the whole online video thing, but they now have various shows available to watch through their website.
TLC which is owned by Discovery is also fairly new to online video, but you can find a good variety of episodes and shows available to watch.

Video Sharing Sites

Daily Motion seems like its been around forever now, but its a video sharing site that allows fans to upload and share episodes of their favorite TV shows.

Although YouTube is primarily a site for user generated videos, you can find episodes of certain TV shows to watch if you look hard enough.

If your looking for some great video podcasts, this is the place to go. Blip.TV has all of your favorite video podcasts available to watch in one place.

BlinkX is a video search engine that has over 32 million hours of video to search through.

Streaming TV

This site has hundreds of live tv streams available to watch online.

Chooseandwatch allows you to watch various TV channels streaming in your browser.

PPStream is a free Chinese p2p streaming video network and is immensely popular in Asia.

TVU Player
TVU Networks allows you to watch hundreds of live streaming TV stations from around the world right in your browser.

Streamic has many streaming channels such as the Sci-Fi Channel and ESPN available to watch online.

FreeTV allows you to stream more than 1500 TV Channels.

Nasa TV
Nasa TV allows you to watch live streaming video from space shuttle missions and the international space station.

Worldwide Media Project
Watch Streaming TV Stations from around the world on the Worldwide Media Project.

Live Footy
This site is great because it allows you to watch live streams of soccer “Football” games for free.

TV Channels Free
Another site that allows you to watch thousands of live streaming TV channels from around the world all in one place.

Find Internet TV
This is an internet search engine for streaming internet TV. Search for what you want to watch and this site will show you channels that have the most relevant content.

Beeline TV has hundreds of broadband Internet TV channels available to watch.


The 4OD application allows you to watch thousands of hours of TV and film right from your computer. You must be within the U.K. to use the 4OD Player. 4OD is also not available for Mac yet.

BBC iPlayer
The BBC iPlayer is an application that streams BBC channels and also allows has free on demand content that you can watch at any time. You must be within the U.K. to use the BBC iPlayer.

Although you have to pay for most of the TV shows and movies on iTunes, there are a few shows each week that are available to download for free. In addition there are hundreds of video podcasts available to download from iTunes for free as well.

6 Responses to “41 (Really Awesome) Places to Watch TV Online for Free”

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Family - February 27th, 2009 at 8:54 pm

This site is simply amazing!
The only shows I am unable to find a stream for is the weekly episodes of
“Dog The Bounty Hunter”
“Little People Big World”

If someone has any info on where to watch the weekly episodes please email me.
Your help is greatly appreciated.

watch lost online - March 12th, 2009 at 3:14 am

Amazing list! Think of stop working and start watching tv online. 🙂

Michael Masdard - April 14th, 2009 at 7:04 pm

Channelchooser sucks now I’d remove that one they list anything and now its basically mostly opens up a new window going to other sites listed here.

seriously bad now some of the other ones in the streaming list you mentioned are better alternatives.

[…] Fleming presents 41 Places to Watch TV Online for Free posted at Satellite TV […]

Thomas @ Satellite TV - December 22nd, 2009 at 6:21 am

The site you had provided here are really nice. Watching TV online is the best option for those who spend most of their time in front of the PC. This will make them to take a rest for some few minutes.

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