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5 Best Shows on Television 2008

With the writers’ strike finally over, it’s time to focus on great television again. A great show is not necessarily the show that kills in the ratings. Instead, great shows are the ones that inspire talk the following day at work. They are the shows that have theories discussed about them, punch lines retold, or philosophies discussed. They are the shows that carry past the thirty to sixty minutes they spend a week on television.


Has there ever been a show that has inspired so many theories and questions as Lost? Lost focuses on the mystery of the Oceanic flight that crashed into the ocean and the survivors of that flight. As the survivors struggle on the Island that becomes their home, they have to deal not only with Island inhabitants known as The Others, but with themselves. Each has a problem that is holding them back, and those problems must be solved. Lost is about facing fears in order to evolve as people.

The Office

The Office is a mockumentary of the modern day workplace. It has the goofy boss, who is completely out of touch with his employees, the office thief, and the people who are bitter about work and life in general. The Office is the place that so many of us go on a daily basis. It’s good to sit down and laugh as Michael (Steve Carrell) does something so insanely stupid that it wouldn’t be believed if our own bosses hadn’t managed to do the exact same thing the week before.

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica brought the genre of Science Fiction back into the mainstream. For years, science fiction shows were cursed. Now, however, they are seen as thought provoking and philosophical. Battlestar Galactica revolves around the few remains of the human race as they search for the mythical earth. Viewers witness a spiritual quest that could not be played out nearly as believably on any other show. Those who have an interest in religion and mythology are missing out if they aren’t watching this show. It is truly the only one of its kind.

Grey’s Anatomy

After a few bumps in the road, it appears that Grey’s Anatomy is back on solid ground. The writers’ strike actually seemed to help the show regain its footing. Grey’s Anatomy has started to refocus on the different relationships and personalities of the cast. Instead of distracting with strange storylines, Grey’s has gotten back to the heart of the show. It is once again a funny, fresh, and smart show.


Imagine waking up one morning and realizing you could fly. Or maybe you could defy death. Imagine then trying to deal with your superpower, only to learn that there were others just like you. Not only that, but you realize that it is your job, along with these other people, to save the world. It can be an eye opening experience. Heroes shows the thoughts behind the actions. It is not just a “save the world” type of show, but a thoughtful show that is character centered.

Character shows are back in style. People are beginning to once again get attached to the people they see on a weekly basis on their television sets. These character driven shows have sparked better dialogue and more interesting, thought provoking plots.

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