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5 Great Online TV Guides

Oftentimes, we like to think about what we’re going to do in the evening while we’re at work. The time in the office can get monotonous, so it is not unusual for people to start planning their evenings, even as they’re on the phone with the boss talking about how busy they are. If that is the case, you need the latest in online TV listing so you can adequately plan your evening and make the best out of those working hours. Consider a proactive approach to utilizing your entertainment options.

Yahoo! TV

Yahoo! TV offers viewers more than just an online television schedule. By using the service that Yahoo! offers, you can also take advantage of the staff picks, interviews with television favorites, and you can browse through a selection of television shows that are on DVD. Also, users who own a Tivo can send programming directly to their Tivo via Yahoo! TV. You can create your entire evening of entertainment before you even leave the office.


Zap2It is a wonderful site to use for online television listings. Simply go to the site, type in your zip code, and then choose your service provider. You will get listings for your area and your provider. The site also offers the Tivo function, where you can send programming to your Tivo to be recorded. There are articles full of entertainment information and lists of the top rated episodes. The site does all that it can to meet all entertainment needs.

TV Guide

TV Guide’s website is another place to find television listings online. Besides giving users all of the television listings, users can also switch to a view that only shows HD programming. People who use the TV Guide website can also benefit from the lists of top rated shows and the hot list.


MSN offers a TV guide that allows users to break the shows down by category or by night. Site visitors can also get information regarding recent DVD releases, along with the top shows on television. The site helps users pick shows they will enjoy, and find all of the movies that are playing on television.

AOL Television

Find out what is playing on television, and more. AOL television has a lot of information for users to digest, from listings to interviews to gossip. It is a fun site to play around on, and it is also very informative. Entertainment junkies can use the AOL Television site to get their TV fix and to find out what shows are playing that evening.

As you can see, there are many things to do while at work instead of working. Browse through some sites and plan your viewing through the weekend. Take advantage of those times when your boss has his door closed and get some real work done. That way, you will not waste the time you have when you are at home. You will be ready to sit in front of the TV as soon as you walk through the door.

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