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5 Great Places to Watch Family Guy Episodes Online

Family Guy aired their debut episode in 1999 and ran for about 3 years before it was canceled (2002). However, it returned by popular demand in the summer of 2005. I’ll be the first to admit that when I tuned in to Family Guy for the first time, I wasn’t crazy about it. Nevertheless, I actually sit through a whole episode one night because nothing else was on TV, and I’ve watched every since. I guess I just needed to give it a chance and sit through a whole show instead of being so quick to change the channel, because now I find Peter, Lois, Chris, Meg, baby Stewie and the talking dog, Brian funny and entertaining to watch. While it’s not as bad as South Park, Family Guy, in my opinion, is not for young kids. Instead, it’s what I call an adult cartoon.

Since I didn’t tune in to Family Guy in the beginning, I haven’t had the privilege of seeing all the episodes, so in order to catch up with Family Guy from season 1, I watch past episodes on the Internet — when time allows, of course. The following are what I believe to be 5 great places to watch Family Guy episodes online:

Family Guy’s Official Website

Once you arrive at Family Guy’s official website, look at the top, and on the right you’ll see a circle. Inside the circle is the following text: “Watch Full Episodes.” Click on that circle and you’ll be redirected to FOX where you can watch a few Family Guy episodes from season 6.

Family Guy Now

Family Guy Now is a website dedicated entirely to Family Guy. There you’ll be able to watch Family Guy episodes beginning with season 1 all the way through to season 6. In addition to full episodes, you can also view a special half-hour tribute that will revisit some of Family Guy’s best moments and more.


Hulu offers a few Family Guy episodes from season 6 as well as over 200 clips from Family Guy. My only complaint about Hulu is I’ve found the videos to be slow loading, but once they finally load and begin playing, the quality is great.

Omega Tube

While Omega Tube doesn’t have a large selection of Family Guy episodes, it does have a few from seasons 1, 2 and 5.

Project-Free TV

Project-Free TV offers links to Family Guy episodes from all 6 seasons, and like Hulu, you’ll find clips from Family Guy. The best player at Project-Free TV is Mega Video, because the picture is clear and bright, and the player loads fairly quick.

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