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5 Great Ways to Watch Live TV on Your PC

windowsPicture this, you’re waiting at the airport it’s 9 pm at night. Your favorite show is on and you want to watch it live. Furthermore, the show doesn’t post any full length episodes online and you don’t want to shell out $3 at the iTunes store. What could you possibly do?  This is an anecdote for me since I travel a lot.  There’s nothing I’d love to do more than sit by myself and watch CSI or House or even ESPN live on my laptop.  After some research online, here are five real ways to watch live TV on your computer.  It should be said that if you Google search it, you have to be careful and review the site and check to see if it’s for real.  The last thing you want to do is download some malware or virus.

5 Great Ways to Watch Live TV on Your PC


The best way to watch live TV on your PC is using a Slingbox.  Slingbox is a product of Sling Media, one of the pioneers of streaming live television content to PCs.The process is very easy.  Simply hook the Slingbox inside your home and leave it there.  By utilizing SlingPlayer software on your computer or even mobile phone, you can access, watch, and control your home television, as well as set up scheduled recordings.  As long as you have an internet connection, all these possibilities are within your grasp.  The SlingPlayer software for your PC  is free and the SlingPlayer Mobile software i a one-time fee of $29.00 (one-time fee).  You do have to buy a Slingbox, which ranges from the Solo model at $179.99 or Pro-HD at $299.99.  This also a one time thing so the $120 difference that includes HD is definitely worth it.

For more information about Sling, visit Sling Media here.

The second way to watch live TV on your PC is EyeTV.  Although the website might say that it is only for Macs, if you download a few drivers and tweak the program just a bit, you can easily make it compatible with Windows.  EyeTV software turns your Macintosh or Windows PC a DVR and channel programmer.  After purchasing accessories, one can watch, record, edit and enjoy HDTV and FM radio on your PC.  EyeTV Hybrid is a compact TV tuner stick that turns your Mac into the world’s most affordable flat-screen HDTV and DVR.  The EyeTV hybrid starts at $149.95 while the full software costs $79.95.

For more information about EyeTv, click the hyperlink.

The third way to watch live TV on your PC is Hava.  This company is fairly new and its structured similarity to that of Sling.  HAVA enables PVR and time-shifting functionality on your PC, so you can pause, rewind, fast forward live TV programs or record live TV directly to the PC’s hard disk for viewing at a more convenient time.  The Hava Titanium HD box costs $189.99.  There is currently an instant savings coupon of $40 if you buy the Titanium HD box (no end date given).

Here is a CNET review of HAVA versus Sling.

The fourth way to watch live TV on your PC is CyberlinkliveWith Cyberlinklive, one can remotely access all your media from anywhere in the world.  The one catch with this program is that it requires Windows Vista Home Premium or Ultimate as well as a compatible TV tuner card.  You can subscribe at $49.95 per year, $19.95 for three months, or a $5 monthly option.  Comparatively speaking, it’s like Windows Media Center except with the ability to play live TV.

For more pricing information, click here.

The fifth way to watch live TV on your PC is Sage.  SageTV is also structured like Sling and Hava.  SageTV lets you roam anywhere you want on not only your Windows PC but also Mac or Linux.  You have to download software and then you’re off and running.  Set up your DVR or stream live TV if you want.  The basic SageTV software starts at $79.95 with an upgrade option of $39.99.  The SageTV HD Theatre box is priced at $179.95.

Here is more information about SageTV.

More and more options so one can watch live TV on your PC are being released.  It can only get better for us viewers.  As more companies come forward, pricing will surely go down and software efficiency will increase.

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