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5 Places to Watch Family Guy Online

Second only to the Simpson, the best dysfunctional animated families on television are the Griffins of Family Guy. If you’re like me, and shun cable boxes and other such costly vectors of entertainment viewing, you need to be able to find what you want to watch online. This show was actually much harder to find than many. A number of fansites either took a little piece of forever to load, or once I was on the page, the video was not there. In the end I prevailed, and here are five ways to watch Family guy online.

Fox on Demand is the first stop you should take, if you are caught up on the action. One of the nice things about a show like this is that you don’t really have to be current to enjoy an episode. Fox has an easy user interface, and all the episodes from the current season. A desktop dimmer, fullscreen options, close captioning, sharing options and a rate and review feature add up to a very plug and play approach to watching the show. 

After this it gets a little tricky. Hulu has eleven full episodes reaching back into season six. Adult Swim has clips. These two have the best interface of every one else available, but the content is limited. I guess Fox is trying to get every dollar out of licensing and DVD sales. Once you move out of those three, you’re looking at sites that aggregate Iinks, and of those, the best two are TV Shack and Project Free TV. 

TV Shack is pretty good too, as it’s only missing a few episodes from seasons five and six. They’ve got good load times and a slick interface, it worth checking out as they’re sure to have a few other shows you’ll be looking for. 

Project Free TV has everything. Every Season, and every episode. They have multiple link to each show, and while many of them are in Japanese, you’ll be able to watch just fine. It seems that fox is running around cancelling the links to these aggregators, so you might want to move fact if you’re trying to catch up on older seasons.

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One Response to “5 Places to Watch Family Guy Online”
Dwayne.D.C.Tucker II - November 19th, 2008 at 10:30 pm

Thank you sooo much for this! I am off to school and I don’t have my tv as yet this helped. I need to watch something to get away from my stress 🙂

Dwayne.D.C.Tucker II

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