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5 Video Search Engines

Video Search Engines. I’ll bet many people don’t even know they exist, or what they do, or why you would need one when the great YouTube is around. Well most video search engines aggregate video from across the internet and try to narrow down your searches.

Here are five sites and my quick impressions of them.

Blinkx: First off, I love the interface. The actual video in the wall of screens. When you search, you can choose to have the results shown on the wall. I love it. It’s cheesy, but I love it. Blinkx remote (currently in beta) has a fairly huge list of television shows, but it’s not the best way to watch shows, and they just link to other sites anyway, so it’s not a feature that appeals to me.

Clipblast: It’s a video aggregator with an enormous number of providers.  I haven’t even heard of most of these networks or producers. That’s a problem, I have no incentive to look at most of this stuff. When I looked for something I am interested in, like say, football, all I get is college. Wait… no, found the NFL stuff, but it didn’t come up during the search. Now this might seem like a silly thing to complain about, but if I don’t know who the providers are, and I don’t know what I’m going to get, what use is it? It’s not pretty, nor is it intuitive.  It’s got the required popularity driven top ten lists, so if you are just looking for something to see, this is a good place to go.

Fooooo: Wow, I almost clicked off this page as soon as it loaded. The interface is so cluttered it’s nearly unusable. The only two things it has that the others don’t is search by duration, and a large number of UStream videos. So if you’re a big fan of DIY lo-fi internets, check it out.

Pixsy: Immediately, I am shocked that Pixsy has an image search attached to a video search. I find this interesting, and I’m not sure I’m sold on the utility of this feature. I would spend more time trying to figure out if it helps or hinders, but I can’t get past the crippled search-by feature.

Truveo: Ugly and simple, same old popularity ranked daily stories, but they have popular tags too. I’ll bet they don’t change much. My favorite feature is the “Most Viewed All Time” feature,  I rather enjoyed going through the list. I found it incredible that a Scooby Doo video got 134k views in a year.  Aside from all that, it is what you think it is. 

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