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5 Ways to Watch Free Music Videos Online

Once upon a time, most of us watched music videos on television. The channels that built themselves on the medium quickly abandoned actual music as their bread and butter, relying more on the quick and easy cultural elements of the time. Pretty soon, the music video was flagging in strength. Enter the internet. Nowadays, you can find almost anything you want to hear, and depending on what that is, there are a few sites you might want to find. is ostensibly a social network developed by Sony BMG in order to push it’s product.  A nice feature of this site is that you don’t have to log in to watch the videos. The videos are embeddable, the interface is easy to use, and there are a significant number of artists to choose from. My two biggest problems with the site are that each video is prefaced by a commercial, and if you don’t like any of the artists (I don’t) there’s nothing here for you.  is an essay in form trumping function. It’s very pretty website. It’s also very annoying to navigate, and has a really limited supply of videos. It has the nice feature of allowing you to send the video to your mobile device, and truly, once the video is playing, if you like the artist, there’s some nice information about the artist and the related videos are pretty nice, you’d never know they were there if you weren’t curious. 

AOLmusic is quite the opposite of vidzone. It’s not pretty, and it doesn’t care about your phone, but the UI is nice, and with almost eighteen thousand videos, it’s likely to have something you’ll enjoy. It’s very social, with ratings, comments, browsable playlists and with the ability to embed the videos wherever you’d like, it encompasses almost all the features a user could want. 

YouTube cannot be overlooked in this post. I have somewhat niche musical tastes, and I can find almost anything I’m looking for on YouTube. One of my favorites, Leonard Cohen, a guy who will not be found on any of these other sites, has over five thousand posts. You can’t beat these guys for content, and it’s likely they’ll put a few of the previous sites completely out of business eventually. But my favorite, if only for nostalgic purposes is… I can honestly say that any site that is not user submitted that has the video for Window Licker by Aphex Twin is going to make me very very happy. They’ve finally gone back to their roots. The result is pretty impressive. I stumped them a few times, but I found videos by artists I never knew had videos, and if you like music videos, that will make you happy too.

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