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$50 Off Your First Dish Network Bill

Are you still caught in cable purgatory? You want a better system, but you need a good incentive in order to pick up the phone or visit the website? If you are having problems making the change, DISH Network is yet again offering a good reason to switch to them.

$50 Credit on Your First Bill

Right now, you can get a $50 instant credit on your first bill with DISH Network. Just sign up for Digital Home Advantage and the credit is yours. With Digital Home Advantage, you get a lot of great features including:

Satellite TV in up to four rooms
 Free DVR upgrade
 Free installation

Of course, that’s not all that you get with DISH Network.

Great Deals on Premium Movie Channels

If you love premium channels, now is the time to make the switch to DISH. They are currently offering three free months of Starz and HBO. Also, you can get a year of Cinemax for a penny. Also, they offer package deals on their premium movie channels, so you can get great deals all year long.


DISH Network is also giving away three months of its Platinum HD. Platinum HD is part of Turbo HD, which offers a 100% HD channel lineup.


DISH Network also caters to sports fans with great sports packages. Watch games that you would not get to see if you only had cable.

Create Your Own System

DISH Network is the best company to get exactly what you want. Do you want a DVR? How many channels do you want with the DVR? What about HD? They have great HD packages. The provider allows you to build your own package, add premium channels if you wish, along with DVRs and other extras. You are able to get the programming and features you want.

Right now is the time to switch to DISH Network. The specials for new customers are amazing. You can save money on your bill and get all of the great programming that satellite offers.

To sign up for DISH Network and save $50 on your first bill, click here.

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