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90210 Season 1 Finale

If you were a fan of the original 90210 and haven’t had a chance to tune in to this sequel of sorts, don’t worry. It’s nothing like the original. In fact, the only thing that the original show and this new cast have in common is… well, a lot. 

Okay, I lost you, right? Don’t worry. I mean, it’s the same zip code. Even the same similar story about a family, moving to big bad Beverly Hills and attending Beverly Hills High as the transplants in the new year. There’s love, drama, and many similar story lines. And let’s not forget Kelly Taylor! Yes, there’s even been a Brenda Walsh (yes, the Brenda Walsh) and Donna Martin (or is it Donna Martin Silver? Donna Silver? What’s she going by these days?). Anyway, I digress. 

Season 1 of 90210 has been inundated with drama, boys, frenemies, drugs, rehab, teen pregnancy… I could go on. 

The main characters are Erin Silver (she’s morphed into a moody, dark haired, blogging teen), Annie (the gorgeous Kansas transplant), Dixon (her adopted brother), Naomi (the ultra savvy and hip beauty from Beverly Hills), Navid (the quiet but none the less hip guy who is into Adrianna), and Adrianna (the pregnant teen who has recovered from her drug and alcohol problems). Whew! Got all that? 

Here’s what the CW has to say about the episode: “Adrianna and Navid are forced to make an impromptu exit from the prom when Adrianna goes into labor. Dixon confronts Ethan about Silver when he notices that Ethan might be developing feelings for his girlfriend. Meanwhile, Annie reaches her tipping point when Naomi accuses her of trying to hook up with Liam and some of her peers – still angry about the after party fiasco – decide to take both verbal and physical action against her.”

Sounds juicy! 

The season finale airs Tuesday, May 19 at 8PM/7PM CST on the CW. It’s going to be good! Don’t miss it.

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