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90210 Season 2 Episode 6

This season of 90210 has definitely been interesting. After the end of last season, we really had no idea what was to come. We saw Annie running someone over after Naomi thought that she (mistakenly) slept with Liam, we had Silver/Ethan/Dixon drama, and then of course, we had Adrianna saying bye bye to her baby girl.

Tuesday’s episode was just another one of these teen dramas in which you want to rip out your hair at various parts, roll your eyes sometimes, and want to scream at the TV.

Poor Navid has no idea what’s been going on behind his back with Adrianna and Teddy. Consumed by her guilt and desire to continue things with Teddy, Adrianna decides to call things off with Navid. Running to Teddy, she then learns that he isn’t interested in having a relationship with her.

Nursing a broken heart from losing both Navid and Teddy, she runs back to Navid and tells him she made a huge mistake. Except, she doesn’t tell him nothing but the whole truth, and Teddy already beat her to the punch. Navid basically tells her to get lost. He’s through with her.

Silver and Kelly are at a standstill about their sick, dying mother. After Jackie asks Silver to move back in with her, Kelly heads over there to tell her to leave Silver alone. Jackie ┬áhas a change of heart and says to Silver that Kelly is right. Later in the episode, Silver shows up at her mom’s, prepared to move in.

And Annie. Silly, running people over Annie, decides to ditch Jasper for the guy who likes to send out sexts of her. He decides he’s going to cop a feel and creepin’ Jasper to the rescue! Um… Annie, don’t you wonder how he happened to be in the dark, deserted area as you guys were for what seems like hours?

Let’s not forget the Naomi & her trifling sister drama. Jen managed to swindle Naomi out of $100K, claiming it’s for her “divorce lawyer”. Oh Liam, how I wish you never deleted the proof that she’s a lying BEEP.

Can’t wait until next week!

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