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A Brief History of Dish Network

DISH Network Corp. is a satellite service provider that specializes in offering direct broadcast satellite TV and audio to private homes as well as to business throughout both the US and Mexico. This wide reaching corporation first began offering its services back in 1996 as an offshoot of EchoStar, a leading “big dish” provider.

By 1998 EchoStar had purchased the broadcasting assets previously held by the combined group of MCI Worldcom and News Corp’s ASkyB. This gave EchoStar 28 out of 32 transponder licenses for the 110° West orbit. This move increased the current US continental broadcasting capability by more than two times.

It was this purchase that led to the creation of the DISH 500 system which was purported to be able to receive more than five hundred channels. By January 2005 EchoStar had bought out HDTV provider Voom as well as its satellite. As of January 2008 EchoStar had grown large enough that it made the decision to split into two individual businesses. The newly minted DISH Network Corp. was the larger of the two.

Its focus was set on providing satellite television services to the public and businesses while EchoStar centered on maintaining a fleet of satellites and other such signal infrastructure. In December 2008 DISH Network made its move into Mexico under an agreement with MVS, a Mexican media group.

By December 2009 the estimated number of DISH Network customers easily passed the 14 million mark. This put DISH Network into an entire bracket of its own. Today DISH Network continues to march forward in its move to remain one of the world’s largest satellite television providers.

With the corporation’s move into providing various alternative means of viewing media DISH Network continues to push the boundaries that define just what it is that the company does best, that is keeping its customers continually entertained.

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