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A Futurama Movie? Color Me Excited!

futuramaSo the straight to DVD Futurama movie was officially screened at the New York Comic Con, and from what I understand it was totally awesome. Personally I’ve always been a bigger fan of Futurama as opposed to the Simpsons (blasphemy you say! But I can’t help it), so I’m personally excited to check this out as soon as I can rent it from Netflix…which should be soon.

The movie revolves around Leo Wong, who’s a wealthy entrepreneur and the father of Amy. He has big plans for Mars, including an interplanetary golf course that uses a black hole. We soon find that he’s trying to destroy a planetoid that’s growing life in order to get his thing built. So as you might expect Leela is not pleased at this development. So to combat it she joins the “feminist conservationists” that wear pink fatigues. All the women of the series end up joining the army as well.

I had always hoped that the series would be revived, but I suppose I can settle for one final send off in this movie. There’s a lot of story lines I’d like to see finally wrapped up, but I’m going to have to wait and see if my questions were answered. Actually now that I think about it, anything with Bender will probably be good and hilarious, and the Bender Fry combination has to be one of my favorite animated duos of all time.

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