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A New Spartacus

Spartacus has yet once again been remade, however this will be a television series instead of a movie film.  It is set to premiere on January 22 on Starz, which means that it is sure to be full of blood, language, and sex.  The original series features the classic tale of the old Republic’s most infamous slave-turned-gladiator.  Originally betrayed by the Romans, torn from his homeland and the woman he loves, Spartacus was condemned to the brutal world of the arena where pure brutality is entertainment.

Spartacus: Blood and Sand features a great cast.  Starring as Spartacus is Australian actor Andy Whitfield from McLeaod’s Daughters.  Supporting are Lucy Lawless as Lucretia, John Hannah from the Mummy as Batiatus, and Peter Mensah from 300 and the Incredible Hulk as Doctore.  The series will have a mix of live action as well as graphic novel effects, probably making it have a 300-like feel.  But, if you like blood and gore, the battle sequences are probably second to none.

Unfortunately for the normal cable customer, one would have to actually but a subscription to Starz.  It just sucks because all of those pay-per-view channels have such great original series like The Tudors, Spartacus, and Entourage.  I just hate having to wait all year just for the DVD set to come out and even then, it’s not like I actually want to own the entire thing.  If it’s just sort of a one and done series, then the amount I spend on the set isn’t going to be worth it.  But then again, I love the Roman times and what went on during then.  The backstabbing, politics, and brutality all captivate me as well as a lot of other viewers out there in the world.

Along with the featured cast, there are also some recognizable faces.  Erin Cummings, who plays the Thracian princess Sura, has also been on shows like Dollhouse and Cold Case.  Craig Parker plays the Roman Legatus Claudius Glaber and was also in Legend of the Seeker.  The show doesn’t have many huge names, but many are respectable and will probably bring their own touch to their respective characters.

Honestly, this series might actually make me get a subscription to a pay-per-view channel.  If you have a Starz subscription, you should definitely schedule the DVR or circle January 22 on your calendar.  Most of the original cable series are good, but it’s hard to push the envelope without swearing, sex, and blood.  Those three things, while many might not like them, enhance and give the series depth and intrigue.  That is the whole point to the original series, to go as close to the line as possible and maybe even cross over it just a bit.  There are sure to be strong characters in Spartacus and endless backstabbing.  If you lived in the Roman times and we’re of aristocracy, life sucked and this series will show it.  It will show the brutality and the extent to which one will go to live and ultimately have revenge.

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