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A Preview of Next Week’s Gossip Girl

pennballsLately, Gossip Girl’s on screen drama has been overshadowed by the real life drama behind the scenes but that is all about to change as the show’s scribes start to amp things up next week. The next episode, once known as “Carrnal Knowledge” (the extra R representing Miss Carr, the kid’s new teacher), is now known as just plain “Carnal Knowledge” and it seems it will live up to its name.

A new preview of the episode was just released and it looks like Miss Carr is teaching Lonely Boy more about lust than Shakespeare. Blair also continues plotting her revenge against the new teach. Somehow I have a feeling these two storylines will end up colliding and it won’t be pretty. In the meantime, Vanessa and Nate help Chuck figure out what happened with a certain mystery girl who happens to be played by The L Word’s Kate French.

But don’t think that just because Nate and Vanessa are coming together to help Chuck this week means they have a solid future. Apparently, in the next few weeks, Nate’s grandfather is going to make him an offer that leaves Vanessa feeling out of place in his world. And the news isn’t any better for Chuck and Blair. One of them is going to rekindle an affair with an ex ruining any chance of these two kids finally coming together (for now, anyway). The only couple who doesn’t seem to have any turmoil in their future is Rufus and Lily. Maybe the CW is just warming us up for next year’s Rufus and Lily spin off/prequel. I can’t wait for that and I can’t wait for Monday night, hoepfully the episode lives up to the hype!

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