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A Preview of Party Down Season Two

Starz’s Party Down second season doesn’t premiere until April 23rd but E! already has a Q&A with the show’s Executive Producer, John Enbom. Here’s what he had to say about the show’s new edition, Megan Mullally, and what’s in store for everyone’s favorite character, Henry.

Enbom said that the general theme of the season will be, “If you have a dream, what’s it like trying to put a life together without it entirely? How do you kind of suppress what you formerly desired?”

For example, he says that, “Henry (Adam Scott) is team leader, and he’s basically taken a full step into a totally other kind of life. He’s not an actor anymore, he’s a former actor. From his standpoint we’re interested just seeing how he functions: Can he make a life doing something that his heart just isn’t in? He has this relationship with Kristen Bell’s character which happens, unfortunately, mostly offscreen, so he’s in this kind of C+ relationship and C- job with just a passionless life and coming to terms with that and whether or not he can take it.”

Enbom also discussed the newest addition to the show, Megan Mullally’s character Lydia. He explained, “We came to Megan in a roundabout way, because we knew very early on we were losing Jane Lynch—she was already on Glee; we were just trying keep her for as long as possible. And we knew we didn’t want to replace Jane’s character—we wanted something new. We spent a long time thinking about what other types of people would do this catering stuff, and one idea was a stage-mother character. And then randomly, when we were actually looking for someone for season two, it just came through the grapevine that Megan was a fan of the show and she was looking into doing something, and it seemed like she would be a perfect fit for this character. We were very surprised. We heard a rumor that she liked the show and chasing that thread down led to having Megan in the cast.”

Most importantly, Party Down’s show runner wanted fans to know that they’re really proud of the show and want to keep it going, a not so subtle hint to remind everyone to keep watching!

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