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A Reality Show About The Economy?

econWhen it comes to making a television show, there are a number of topics that don’t really seem interesting enough to the general populace to warrant it’s own show. If, for example, they made a reality show about the secret lives of gas station attendants, they’d probably run out of material about a week or so (in fairness to said attendants, my own job would fail miserably as a show, too). Likewise if you said you were going to make a show about the economy or the dreadful word “budgeting” my guess is you wouldn’t see much more pull there, either. Yet that’s exactly what one station intends to do.

The New series will be launched by KMBC, and is intended to address economic issues and establish a “new template” on TV Journalism as it relates to the economy. Naturally, the name of the ongoing series is named “project economy.” The show will cover money saving tips, as well as your best bets for seeking out a job, too. The show’s network will also hold job fairs and work with the state’s unemployment services to help viewers and others find a job. Pretty cool, id you ask me, especially in this dreadful economy.

So perhaps there’s a niche for this sort of thing after all. If you told me you intended to make a personal finance show a year ago, I probably would’ve laughed in your face, even though the topic is of particular interest to me (I love toying with finance stuffs) I just couldn’t see a big enough demographic to support a show. With the economy in duress and many consumers looking for help, however, perhaps this one will have some legs.

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