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ABC Promotes Castle With A Novel

castleABC has a history of interesting marketing strategies for their new shows. When “Desperate Housewives” debuted in 2004, the network launched an aggressive campaign that included the tag line “Everyone has a little dirty laundry” on dry cleaning bags across the country. ABC then teamed up with Hyperion for 2006’s “Lost” tie-in novel “Bad Twin.”

Now they are launching another innovative marketing campaign for the second season of “Castle.”

ABC will promote the show, about mystery novelist-turned-NYPD consultant Rick Castle (Nathan Fillion), with a old school staple: a serialized novel. In August, chapters of the book will appear online at and fans will be able to buy the book in late September.

In the show, Castle often talks about his past novels and the one he is working on now. This novel will give fans of the show a chance to actually see for themselves what he’s been working on.

“Richard Castle” will post a chapter of the book, entitled “Heat Wave”, every week beginning Monday, August 10th. The new season will debut on Monday, Sept. 21st and the full novel will hit bookstores the following week.

“Heat Wave” will be a completely stand alone novel and the true writer of the book will not be revealed.

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