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ABC Still Angry With Adam Lambert, Cancels Appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live

sg_adamlJust one week after getting dumped from Good Morning America, ABC is still upset with glam-guy Adam Lambert for his racy performance a couple of days earlier on its “American Music Awards” telecast.

This week, Lambert says he’s been dropped from ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel Live and its New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

In a statement from ABC, the network “decided not to move forward” with booking Lambert on Kimmel’s December 17th show.

ABC spokesperson Patrick Preblick said the talent lineup for the New Year’s Eve special has not yet been announced.

Lambert addressed the two bookings on his Twitter account on Wednesday.

“Yes, sadly, friends, ABC has canceled my appearances on Kimmel and NYE,” wrote Lambert. He added: “Let’s focus on being positive!”

Other networks have been kinder to the American Idol runner-up. NBC says he’ll be a guest on The Jay Leno Show on December 21st.

Lambert has recently been picked by Barbara Walters for her annual “most fascinating people” special. Her special features people we’ve already seen way too much of this year.  Besides Lambert, her picks this year include Sarah Palin, Kate Gosselin of Jon & Kate, Fox News’ Glenn Beck, Lady Gaga, NFL star Brett Favre, and Tyler Perry.

ABC received around 1,500 complaints about American Idol runner-up Adam Lambert’s “sexually-charged performance” at this year’s American Music Awards.

During the performance millions of viewers saw Lambert “simulate oral sex with a back-up dancer, plant a passionate kiss on the mouth of a male keyboard player and gesture to the audience with his middle finger during the closing act of the live music awards show.”

Lambert publicly declared he was gay after American Idol ended in May though he claims he was never “in the closet” with his sexuality. The musician said his act with dancers in bondage costumes, was no different from the erotic performances of some female pop singers. He added that much of the sexual energy he brought to Sunday’s show was “in the moment.”

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