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A&E Series Premiere: Tattoo Highway

 A&E is expanding it’s reality show database, and introducing a new show tonight, Wednesday! The new show is called “Tattoo Highway” and while we have seen shows before featuring tattoo shops and tattoo artists, I think it definitely puts a new spin on these types of shows. 

Check out what A&E has to say:

“The artist that electrified audiences in A&E’s hit series Inked is in a new tattoo series that takes us beyond the shop.

Tattoo Highway follows artist Thomas Pendelton as he travels the country in a mobile tattoo parlor of his own design, a converted 1970s Silver Eagle Tour Bus. On the outside, it’s a moving metal canvas of Thomas’ art; on the inside, it’s a fully functional tattoo parlor.

Whether he’s tattooing a Crown Dancer for an Apache Elder in New Mexico or a bat-winged heart on a mortician’s chest in Sacramento, Thomas is on the road searching for the people and the stories that never made it to a tattoo shop.

With his wife and a slew of artists in tow, Thomas hit the road to find the stories that need to be told and tattooed.”

In the first episode, Thomas is going to take the bus and head to Las Vegas, where he will drop his daughters off at his wife Monica’s mother’s house. After they say goodbye, we will see Thomas tattoo a beautiful phoenix on a woman with an interesting story: she gave her child up for adoption ten years ago. Thomas will then head to pay his respects at another tattoo shop, where he will create some beautiful tattoos that will bring a mother and a daughter closer together. After Vegas, the crew and the bus will head over to Long Beach. Thomas will visit his mentor and the old tattoo shop that used to be his stompin’ grounds.

Tattoo Highway premieres Wednesday, May 27th at 10:00 PM ET on A&E.

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One Response to “A&E Series Premiere: Tattoo Highway”
William Howard - June 11th, 2009 at 1:17 am

I wanted to see when you would be in my area? I need two tattoo’s Im 31 if you could call me so we can go into detail more Please! 602-439-2896

William Howard
thank you!

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