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A&E Still Chasing Ghosts

The rise of popularity in shows that track the paranormal activities of the everyday world never really made sense to me, but I’m sure that the big wigs over at A&E would whole heartedly disagree. So much so, in fact, that it’s taking advantage of the shows that have helped bring a unique flavor to the channel, giving the green light to a Paranormal State spinoff.

The show, if you can believe it, is called Paranormal Cops. Personally I’d expect this from the Sci Fi Channel, but A&E? I can’t really blame them for trying to captialize on the good thing they have going for them, but I’m curious as to the actual substance of the show.

The substance will consists of “real life” Chicago cops who actually are cops, working to bring down crime and apprehend criminals. These are no normal cops though! They moonlight as ghost hunters, and try to hunt down..well every kind of paranormal creature you can think of. This could be ghosts, werewolves, poltergeists…or whatever they have to go looking for in order to keep the show interesting.

I’m confused, though. I mean you see someone walking down a spooky hall or darkened corridor here and there, but they never actually find anything…how do these shows have staying power? Is it really that entertaining to watch the same thing in a slightly different setting. Someone has to know, but I’m sure it isn’t me,

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One Response to “A&E Still Chasing Ghosts”
reasonable - January 8th, 2009 at 10:43 am

Hello. It is apparent this category is not one which you favor. Understood. Television has become inandated with these shows lately. Understood. Until now, (average joes) have “investigated” paranormal claims. These people do not conduct (investigations) of any kind in their primary careers. Additionally, these average joe type people do not have to worry about losing credibility etc. within their chosen primary professions. Cops can not do this. They are professional investigators who collect and submit evidence which is conclusive. Actual Cops conducting (claims) of paranormal activity raises the bar a great deal from where this field is currently at. I believe this new approach is why A&E may feel this show would be compelling.

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