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Amazing Race Season 13 Premieres September 28

Last season on Amazing Race Season 12 teams began the race from the Playboy Mansion in Beverly Hills, and after traveling over 20,000 miles, the final team made their way to the pitstop where they discovered that they’d be a million dollars richer. The winners of Amazing Race Season 12 — despite a bit of bad luck — were TK and Rachel.

Beginning Sunday, September 28 we’ll watch 11 more teams compete for the million-dollar prize. Racers will begin The Amazing Race Season 13 from the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and travel to destinations such as Cambodia and Kazakhstan. Some of the teams will be introduced to this season will be a couple just beginning their relationship, a separated married couple hoping to save their marriage, a couple with a long-distance relationship, a husband and wife that has been married for more than 12 years, along with a few others.

Will the separated married couple be able to save their marriage or will they need to pay a visit to Dr. Phil after the race? How about the couple with the long-distance relationship, will they be able to tolerate each other without the miles between them? Finally, what mistake will one team make that stops them from making it to the finish line?

Tune in to The Amazing Race Season 13 on September 28 at 9:00 pm/ET to cheer for your favorite team. If you miss an episode or can’t watch the premiere on the scheduled air date, then head to CBS later to watch the episode(s) you miss.

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