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Amazon Video on Demand Review

During the first week of this month Amazon launched their new Video on Demand service. After checking out the service, it didn’t take me long to discover that Amazon Video on Demand was much better than iTunes. Therefore, I uninstalled iTunes from my PC and switched to Video on Demand.

There are quite a few Video on Demand features that I love, but my most favorite is the feature that allows me to click and watch the video. Unlike iTunes, there’s no need to download Amazon Video on Demand. Before I could watch anything with iTunes I had to download the software to my computer, but with Amazon Video on Demand, I just searched for the movie or TV show I wanted to watch and it began playing within a couple minutes, without having to download anything. Another feature I like about Amazon Video on Demand is they allow me to watch 2 minutes of any video free. If I don’t enjoy the free preview, then I don’t have to waste my money.

Amazon Video on Demand offers a large selection of movies and TV shows that you can rent, buy and/or watch free. Moreover, if you don’t want to watch movies and TV shows on your PC or Mac, you can watch them on your TV from the comfort of your favorite recliner. And for all you Tivo customers, you can purchase or rent Video on Demand movies directly from your Tivo DVR or remote.

Of course those are just a few of the many great features that Amazon Video on Demand has to offer. To learn more about the many other great Video on Demand features, head over to Amazon Video on Demand today. Once you discover everything you can do with Video on Demand, you’ll probably do what I did and switch from iTunes to Amazon Video on Demand.

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