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AMC orders Six Episodes of ‘Walking Dead’

AMC has ordered six episodes of the upcoming original series,”The Walking Dead”, including the pilot which begins filming in Atlanta next week.

The series is an adaptation of Robert Kirkman’s novels in which an epidemic sweeps the globe and causes the dead to rise and eat the living. The story is not just filming in Atlanta, it is also set in Atlanta.

We’ve heard some juicy details about the series including an outline of one of the scenes in which a main character arrives in a post-apocalyptic Atlanta. The city seems to be void of life when he arrives but he soon finds himself surrounded by the living dead and is quickly engaged in a tense fight to save his own life.

That main character, Glenn, will be portrayed by Steven Yeun. Yeun is a relative newcomer, but he has recently appeared in “Carpe Millennium” and has also appeared in “My Name Is Jerry” and “The Kari Files.”

At the start of the comic book series, Glenn is already an expert scavenger and well-versed in avoiding Zombies. He later goes on to marry one of the other survivors while acting as a surrogate father for a young girl whose mother committed suicide.

“The Walking Dead” will begin airing in October on AMC, with a first season order of six episodes.

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