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Dish Network America’s Top 100 Package

Verdict: Although the America’s Top 120™ programming package is one of the most basic, you will find it offers most, if not all of the channels you watch on a daily basis. For someone who doesn’t want the extra movie channel fluff, we recommend this package.

There’s no question that between multiple service providers like Verizon and Cable behemoths like Comcast that competition for the average TV user is heating up. To sweeten the deal and bring in new customers for a larger portion of market share, many satellite providers are providing a number incentives to lure away Comcast and Verizon users. Will their plan work? I’m not entirely sure, but there sure are a great number of packages available at a discounted price.

DISH Network currently has a great package called America’s Top 120™ that definitely gives any cable service a run for its money. Although the top 100 plan is the most basic DISH Network package, you still get a ton of channels. You’ll get channels like ABC Family, The Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, and many others for the low price of $32.99 per month.

This package is probably best suited for people who want to get all of the channels you would expect with cable, without the premium price tag. America’s Top 120™ does not include premium movie channels like HBO, Starz and ShowTime, but you do have the option to add premium channels to your package for an additional cost each month.

In addition to the channels, and great price you’ll receive a $50 credit on your first bill, a free HD/DVR Upgrade, a home protection plan, as well as free DVR equipment options. You’ll also receive a free lifetime equipment warranty for your dish, dvr, or HD equipment.

So if you’ve been considering making the switch and wondering when a good time to do so would be, now is the time. You’ll get a great bundle of channels even at the lowest tier and you’ll so be able to upgrade your features easily like their DVR service as well as HD options that are available. You can also upgrade your current plan at anytime in case you want some more variety in your channel selection.

You can sign up for the DISH Network America’s Top 120™ Package Here.

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Marshal - August 6th, 2009 at 11:55 pm

Is this available in Thailand?

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