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Dish Network America’s Top 200 Package

Verdict: America’s Top 200™ is the mid-range programming package from DISH Network and is best suited for people who watch a good amount of TV and want more than just basic and local channels, but don’t want to pay a high price for a package with all of the premium channels.

As we read in an earlier post, the competition for new television users has been heating up of late. The economy is down, and the market for HD and DVR users is rapidly becoming saturated. In order to entice more customers to the table, many firms like DISH Network are stepping up to the plate to offer robust channel packages at a reduced price. Their sweetening of the deal is to bring in new customers for a larger portion of market share. Regardless of how profitable it may be to them, it may be a good idea to take advantage while you still can.

Let’s say your TV habits dictate that you want more than the average user. Their top 100 plan is the absolute most basic of the basic, and if you expect to get all the bang for your buck that you want, you want to step it up a notch (think Emeril) and get a more comprehensive channel selection. You’ll still get channels like ABC Family, The Discovery Channel, Comedy Central, and others and you’ll also receive a $50 credit on your first bill, a free HD/DVR Upgrade, a home protection plan, as well as free DVR equipment options. On top of all that, you’ll receive more sports options like the cbs college sports television and ESPN Classic. The price will run just a little higher, too, at $44.99 a month.

As with the America’s Top 120™ package this package does not include premium movie channels like HBO, ShowTime, and Starz however when you first sign up you will get some of these channels free for the first three months. After that you can choose to add them on to your package for a little bit extra each month.

So if you’ve been considering making the switch and you want a step up from average, now may be the best time. You’ll get a great bundle of channels and an extended selection. As with the basic plan, you can easily upgrade your features easily like their DVR service as well as HD options that are available.

You can sign up for DISH Networks America’s Top 200™ Package Here.

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Dish Network Review - Satellite TV Guru - April 27th, 2009 at 12:12 pm

[…] America’s Top 200: Just as the name implies, America’s Top 200 includes 200 of the top channels in America. You’ll find a huge selection of premium channels, movies, specialty channels, and commercial-free music channels. Pricing is $47.99 a month with local channels. […]

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