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American Idol: Season 8 Finale

 This season of American Idol has definitely been a bit different than the typical, previous seasons. It’s introduced a couple of new ideas and ways that the contestants may have had a bit of an advantage. 

You know the premise of the show, of course. A bunch of kids, some can sing, some can kind of sing, and they go on the show, pick the “wrong song”, get voted off by America, especially if they are not the current sob story in the spotlight or the underdog, and bam. Season finale. 

Okay, okay. So needless to say, the show has not grown on me much in the past few years. It seems like the show has gotten a bit dry and the same old doldrums, and maybe that’s why the producers of the show have been introducing these new things: a new judge, in addition to the beloved Simon, Randy, and Paula. They brought 36 finalists this season, instead of the typical 24. From there, instead of cutting the 36 down to 12, they cut down to 13 (okay, I know, it’s only one number, but it’s never been 13 before!) and of those twelve, three were planned wild cards, and the judges decided to make it a fourth wild card on a whim. 

The idea behind all of these changes, according to Fox and show producers, was to move the show into a more serious singing competition… less hilarious auditions and more sob stories. And that’s right where they lost me as a viewer. Hey, if you can sing, you can sing. I’m not one for the pity stories about what compels you to sing, but I know I’m in the minority, especially among women (gasp). 

Tonight’s American Idol will feature the finalists, trying to sing their way into the winner’s circle. Rocker Adam Lambert and the soulful folk-pop singer Kris Allen are the finalists… so which one will take it all? 

I have no clue. Turn it to Fox, check out their performances, and vote your little hearts out. Then tune in tomorrow to see who wins (and lots of other performances).

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