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Amy Poehler’s New Show Gets a New Name

amy-poehler-parks-and-recreationIf you watched the Super Bowl last night, not only did see talking babies and screaming cube dwellers but you also saw a promo for Amy Poehler’s new NBC comedy, “Parks and Recreation”. According to the New York Times, as of last week, the show was titled “Public Works” and before that was dubbed the “Untitled Mockumentary About a Local Public Works Project”. According to NBC executive Ben Silverman, the network decided to drop the title “Public Works” because they didn’t want to be disrespectful.

“Can’t make fun of public service! Worried because we don’t want to seem mean about it.”

In “Parks and Recreation”, Poehler stars as Leslie Knope, a mid-level manager at a municipal parks and recreation department in small town Indiana. Leslie Knope sees her job merely as a stepping stone to a great political career so she is a bit overzealous in her plans and procedures. Recruiting a well intetioned city resident (played by “The Office’s” Rashida Jones) she makes it her mission to turn a vacant lot into a park even though she faces resistances from the community and her own department. The show is produced by Greg Daniels who also produces “The Office” and will be filmed in the same mockumentary style. “Parks and Recreation” will begin filming in L.A. in the next few weeks and is scheduled to premiere Thursday, April, 9th.

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