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Another Sign Of 2012

The Mayans are predicting that the world will end on December 12, 2012, and after hearing about this, I might actually start believing them.  Furthermore, I cannot believe that DISH Network is involved in this.  For $2.99 a month, subscribers can get access to the Tetris Channel.  Yes, you read that correctly…the Tetris Channel.  Through a partnership with Oberon Media and the Tetris Company, DISH subscribers will now be allowed to play via their remote.

The game consists of a fifteen level marathon configuration game as well as a race to clear 40 lines as fast as possible.  Scores and times will be uploaded to a leaderboard comprised of only DISH Tetris players.  Adding to the madness, there will be tournaments and prizes in future iterations of the game.

Tetris is played worldwide and for the interface to use the remote as the control pad is quite fascinating.  But this has gone too far…I mean Tetris tournaments?  Friday nights will be the congregation of nerds and I guarantee that the most popular game format will be the forty line dash (yes, I just made that up).  For us normal people or even college students, it might make for a phenomenal drinking game.  But other than that, if DISH makes more than $3,600 on this (that’s 100 subscribers), that is crazy.  You’re better off going to McDonalds and buying three chicken sandwiches on the first of the month for the same price.  DISH has stooped to an all-time low and while I’m not one to judge, it seems as though they will go to any extent to make a quick buck.

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