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Apple shops iTunes as TV service

appletvYesterday, Apple made news by resurrecting their suggestion that they will use iTunes as a television service.  It is not a secret that Apple TV has been pretty much a complete failure but this certainly might breathe new life into it.  Not only could it turn that product around but also bite into the cable and satellite television market share.

Apple has said in a report that they would like to launch this service in early 2010.  However, they are lacking a key component.  Networks!  They have not signed anyone to any agreements.  You would think that this would be No. 1 or 2 on the priority list. Apple is a juggernaut but they do need help and agreements.

There are many shows available on iTunes for download.  But that’s after the episodes air.  I believe what Apple is trying to do is be more like a cable or satellite subscription and stream live feeds.  But now cable companies are worried about the loss of revenue this might cause.  More and more television watchers are switching their television watching habits to various Internet-based sources like iTunes and Hulu.

While I believe that this is a futile attempt at bringing back Apple TV, it has certainly grabbed television news headlines.  While Hulu suggesting that they might charge a monthly fee to watch content, Apple would potentially provide an alternative to that.  This is a developing story and one should stay on top of this.  The price of watching content is going down and it could mean the disastrous losses for both television and satellite companies.

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