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Apple’s New Tablet Television?

Rumors are swirling about the new Apple iPad with the official press conference on January 27th.  The tablet touchscreen is supposed to be like a giant iPhone, enabling it to be a multi-functional tool.  Apple is hoping that it will change the way we read books, do computing, and possibly even change the way we watch television.  Most are too focused on it challenging the Kindle, but those who think outside the box have big plans for it.

With Apple TV still struggling, the iPad could act as a second television in someone’s home.  Imagine walking around your house, having the box beam you live television to it.  Of course with any internet connection, it would automatically be linked to iTunes.  I’m sure hackers are already out there planning on using WiFi or Bluetooth to get television onto the iPad.

DirecTV already allows you to log into your account online and watch football games.  With the iPad, one could log in and watch the game as well.  What it it also had a tuner built into it, or at least some sort of USB attachment that was compatible with a satellite card.  Buy two of these iPads and long car trips with two kids suddenly becomes easy since each gets to watch their own favorite cartoon, LIVE.  This is all dependent on having a satellite subscription of course.  I doubt that DISH or DirecTV would make a specific part that would be compatible for the iPad, but one can always dream.  We can already get television on our cell phones and this is just another step in the process.

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