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Army Wives Season 3 Premiere!

One of my guilty pleasures is definitely Army Wives. I am honestly not sure what made me tune in to this show– besides the fact that it is on Lifetime, of course.

I was flipping through the channels one day and I saw the advertisement for the show prior to season one. I thought, “hm.. interesting idea, bet that one will go well” and went about my way. Lo and behold, I found myself addicted after the first episode.

Despite the fact that I’m definitely not an Army wife, there is something about the show that really pulls me in. Perhaps it’s the dynamic between husbands and wives or maybe it’s the banter between friends that really sheds light on the inner workings of friendships and love. Either way, I love the characters, I love the show, I love the mix of drama, friendship, and the ability to just relate to these characters who I really don’t have that much in common with, but I’ve grown to love and care about them.

So what’s in store for season 3?

“The tribe offers their support to the Claudia Joy and Michael, who are supposed to leave for Brussels, but have one little problem…Emmalin has disappeared. Meanwhile, Roxy has her own challenges dealing with the bar and Betty’s nephew wanting to own it outright. As for Denise, her affair with former patient Mac will have definite consequences.”

And that is just episode 1!

Check out a preview:

Army Wives premieres Sunday night on Lifetime. I’ll be watching– what about you?

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