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Bad News For Ugly Betty

ugly-bettyIt seems ABC still has some tricks up their sleeves. It was announced today that Ugly Betty will put on hold beginning March 26. Christina Applegate’s Samantha Who? and a new comedy called In the Motherhood, starring Megan Mullally and Cheryl Hines, will replace the show in its 8 pm Thursday night time slot.

TV Guide is reporting Ugly Betty will resume after Samantha and Motherhood have completed their respective runs. If I’m doing the math right (and be warned, math is not my strong suit) that gives us new eps of Ugly Betty this summer! The new schedule actually makes sense since E! claims ABC president Steve McPherson’s is interested in reducing the amount of reruns aired on the network. Reportedly, McPherson wants to mix things up a bit and follow a cable model for its scheduling this year.

Ugly Betty had an audience of about 8 million in the beginning of its third season, but has lost about a million viewers each week, sinking as low as 3.6 million. It did rebound slightly this month getting back up to 7.5 million but that’s still significantly less than last year’s average of 9 million viewers per episode.

As if that wasn’t enough UB news for one day, America Ferrara spilled a few secrets about what we can expect before the show’s hiatus at last night’s SAG Awards.

“Someone turns very evil—an unexpected person. Like, just your general backstabbing and lies. Just another day on Ugly Betty!”

Finally, ABC has also filled another vacant slot- Wednesdays at 8 pm-with Better Off Ted , premiering Wednesday, March 18. The show, starring Jay Harrington (Wyatt on Private Practice) and Portia De Rossi, is about the R&D department of a morally questionable conglomerate. Better Off Ted will be followed by Scrubs at 8:30.

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