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Best DirecTV Receiver

directvDirecTV offers two types of receivers, non-DVR and DVR.  Out of the non-DVR receivers, you want to go with the HD one.  It will run you $99, allowing you to receive up to 1080i resolution.  The user interface also has a customizable program guide, allowing you to search shows up to seven days in advance.  For paranoid parents out there, there are controls you can implement that monitors what your children can watch.   Its outputs includ one HDMI, one Component (YPbPr), one S-Video, and two Composite (RCA).  You can also choose different screen formats that you watch in:  full, stretched, letterbox, pillar box, or crop.  If you’re into being green, the receiver meets the Energy Star requirements.

The DirecTV HD DVR receiver claims to change the way you enjoy home theater.  It is streamed in high 1080p resolution, the same as Blu-ray, and offers the best quality picture available.  Having the built-in DVR allows one to record shows for viewing later.  The DVR has enough memory to record up to 50 hours of HD programming and up to 200 hours of SD programming which is enough to keep anyone busy.  New features include the ability to set your home DVR with any cell phone or computer.  DirecTV even has an iPhone app that you can use.  Along with the iPhone, another perk is that the DVR allows you to connect your PC with the receiver, allowing you to watch recorded programs on your computer.

In the end, the DirecTV HD DVR is the way to go.  It is the top of the line receiver that you can’t be disappointed about.  It is well worth the $199 price tag.

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