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Best Dish Network Receiver

vip722DISH Network has three different types of receivers, standard , standard DVR, and HD DVR.  Your preference will depend on what type of television watcher you are as well as how technologically inclined one is.  The best standard receiver is the Duo 322.  It features dual tuners and an on-screen guide with access to two days of program listings.  This average joe receiver is better than its single tuner counterpart.

The Duo VIP 722 is a combination of standard and HD receiver and is the best on in the DISH Network collection.  This receiver can connect to two televisions, one in high definition and the other in standard.  You can watch a program while another is recording.  This dual tuner DVR can record up to 350 hours of standard definition programming or 55 hours of HD programming.  The 722 also supports up to 1080p, video on demand, as well as on screen caller ID.

If you’re a simple person then the Duo 322 is the way you want to go.  There aren’t as many bells and whistles but it will get the job done.  For the more avid television enthusiast, the VIP 722 is what you want.  HD has changed our television watching habits and most of us can’t go without HD in our lives.  Whatever your ultimate choice is, you still need a subscription with DISH Network in order to receive any channels.  HD channels usually cost about $10 per month more if you do decide to get the VIP 722.  In the end, I think that the VIP 722 is the best out of all the receivers offered.  It is well worth the investment.

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