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Best HDMI Cables

If you received a brand new HDTV, Playstation 3, or Blu-ray player over the holidays you’ve probably had to look into getting an HDMI cable. Hopefully you didn’t go running out to Best Buy or Circuit City to buy one because if you did, you most likely got ripped off.

I’ve seen Best Buy selling “Monster” HDMI cables for close to $100, you can find these same cables on the internet for less than half the price. “Monster” cables are probably one of the biggest consumer scams in history, they will tell you that they are expensive because the cables are of high quality..however I have yet to see any difference in the cables I have bought online for just a few bucks.

It’s very important to shop around when looking for HDMI cables, there are quite a few places where you can find a great deal. The first place I recommend checking in This is where I go when I need a cable of any kind. I have found that you will save 50% – 90% compared to prices at stores like Best Buy and Circuit City.

Note: some of the cables may be marketed as PS3 HDMI cables, but all HDMI cables are the same and will work with anything.

Here are a few good HDMI cables from Amazon:

You can also try which is an online electronics store. Although Newegg mainly carries computer related products they do have just about every kind of video cable you will ever need – at bargain bin prices (Newegg is owned by Amazon).

So whats the difference between an HDMI and a Component Cable? Well the truth is there really isn’t much of a difference, however I have noticed that with HDMI cables I get less “noise” in the picture and that’s why I tend to use them over their component cable counterparts.

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