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DISH or DirecTV?

For years, I had digital cable. I hated my service, but I stuck with it, thinking that it wasn’t going to get any better. I suffered through the outages, the high bills, and the terrible customer service. At one time, I was paying well over $200 a month to my cable company for a bundled package with my internet and home phone, and I finally decided that it was enough. That was too much money to give to the local provider that couldn’t even ensure that my service was going to work from day to day. So finally, I made a decision to check out satellite TV that I had been hearing so much about. That night I ended up researching both DISH and DirecTV.

I found that in most cases DISH is the better service, below I will explain why.

Affordable Packages

The first thing I noticed when I compared DISH and DirecTV was the fact that the DISH packages were generally cheaper each month than comparable DirecTV packages. I decided to go with the Turbo HD Gold package, which is around $40 a month, however with Comcast I was paying over $100 a month for the same exact channels. On top of these savings, DISH actually has a deal going right now that your first twelve months are just $19.95, regardless of what package you sign up for.

Some inexpensive DISH plans to consider are:

Name Channels Price
Smart Pack 55+ $19.99 / Month
America’s Top 120™ 190+ $24.99 / Month
America’s Top 200™ 235+ $34.99 / Month
America’s Top 250™ 290+ $39.99 / Month
America’s Everything™ 320+ $84.99 / Month
HD Programming

The second reason I decided to go with DISH was because of the large amount of channels in HD that DISH offers. DISH not only has an affordable HD packages, with their Turbo HD service they have the largest selection of HD channels out of all cable and satellite TV providers.

This was a main selling point for me, considering I just bought a new 47 inch LCD TV and wanted to take advantage of the full 1080p broadcasts that DISH offers. Comcast currently only broadcasts channels in 1080i.

Overall, if your looking for the most affordable TV service out there, I recommend DISH . You will get the most bang for your buck and can potentially save hundreds of dollars a year over comparable cable or DirecTV packages.

You can find out more information and sign up for DISH here.

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