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Best TV President?

westOk so as far as “top lists” and polls are concerned, I tend to shy away from them. I agree (as many bloggers have asserted) that such lists hold very little water and there will always be dissenting opinions when it comes to “the best” whatever you’d like to compare out there. Ask a bunch of people what the best film of 2008 was and you’ll get a myriad of responses.

Here is one that I came across that I’d actually consider throwing in my two cents for. Time’s TV blog recently polled it’s readers as to who the best on-TV president was, and you can pick anyone you want. Richard Nixon from Futurama for example, certainly qualifies. Who doesn’t want to participate in a TV president war, especially in the wake of our recent elections? I know I do!

Now, this may be a questionable choice, but I’m a big fan of Martin Sheen from The West Wing. He was just always very cool, confident, and able to make decisions in a pinch even if he didn’t have all the information he needed to make an informed one (it isn’t always available ya know!). Although I have to admit that the guy from Fifth Element was pretty great too.

So what about you guys. Who do you think best exemplifies what we come to expect in a president, or at least the ideal of what a president should be? Harrison Ford in Air Force One? Or the actress who plays the president in 24? Sound off!

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