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Big Brother 11 News and Updates

Week two of Big Brother 11 has already come to an end and wow, it’s been quite the interesting couple of weeks. Wouldn’t you agree?

Let’s see. The season started off with a relatively lame sigh as we watched Jesse reenter the Big Brother house. Then the athletes won the first HOH competition, which seemed to be a given, considering that you are putting a group of athletes to compete in an athletic competition with a group of non athletes. Regardless.

The end of week one found us minus on Braden. Then, in a twist of fate for the non-athletes, the next HOH competition was one of the others. A statistics competition, so to speak. The final two competitors came down to Brainy Michelle and Brainy Ronnie.

Ronnie wins HOH. I really don’t much care for Ronnie. I’m a big fan of the game, and yes, I realize it’s a game, but I cannot stand it when someone comes in the house and thinks that they instantly know everything about how to play the game and start playing, guns blazing. It usually ends up something like… well, Ronnie or Brian, from BB 10. Remember him? So intent on playing everyone that he ends up getting played.

And I think in fact, that will be what happens here.

Ronnie pretty much hibernated in his room all week, thanks to the antics of Russel. He played quite the childish instigator, great for some laughs in the few edited minutes they showed on television, but I’m sure it was less amusing in the house. I would almost feel bad for Ronnie, if it wasn’t for the fact that he kind of brought it on himself. I will say, it did touch my heart incredibly when he was missing his wife. It must be so hard to be away from your loved ones like that.

After much fireworks in the house, we say goodbye to bikini model Laura, who was more than just boobies and looks.

The HOH competition is again an athletic competition and we see it come down to a tie between Jeff and Jesse. I’m rooting for Jeff, but alas, it wasn’t meant to be and Jesse wins. So what do you think will happen this week in the BB11 house?

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