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Big Brother 12 Eviction, Final Head of Household Competiton Started

Last night, things in the Big Brother house went from a snorefest (literally) to a series of events (including an eviction and the beginning of the final HoH competition) that moved at lightening speed.

Those watching the live feeds or the live coverage of the BB12 house on ShowTime last night, were as puzzled as the houseguests themselves as production asked all four remaining cast members- Britney, Enzo, Hayden and Lane- to get up, get motivated, and drink some Redbull.

The houseguests frantically cleaned-up the house after Britney told the others she heard production say they were bringing someone (a woman) into the house. But, instead, what came next, no one could have predicted.

According to BB DISH, CBS taped the next eviction and started the first part of the next Head of Household competition last night after the ShowTime coverage ended (3 AM ET). Predictably, Britney was evicted and sent off to the jury house.

Britney’s exit left the Brigade in the final three- exactly where they hoped to be- but they had little time to celebrate. They immediately started the first leg of a three part HoH competition, which apparently has a jungle theme and has the houseguests hanging on vines, slamming into walls, going under a waterfall and flying across the yard to another wall.

Who do you think will become the final HoH?

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